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Member Profile: Karen-Lee Johansen

How did you come to know WINGS of Hope? I am one of the founding members What are you looking forward to? The month of April in Optus. As a charity partner we have been allocated April to spread our message to the staff so it is go go go at the moment all very exciting Read More


Bereaved people's word about WINGS of Hope

“When my brother took his own life just before his 18th birthday he left a loving family, girlfriend, workmates and friends completely devastated. The Wings of Hope organisation is a positive step forward in breaking down the stigma and isolation that people feel when they lose a loved one to suicide. It helps you realise that you’re not alone and gives you hope to go forward in your life.” Emma, 2010. Read More


Member Profile - Stephanie

In 2008 my son, Ben, died by suicide. In trying to deal with this tragedy in my life I attended a “bereaved by suicide” therapy group run by Diana Sands, funded by the Salvation Army. Several participants of one of these groups had recently joined together to start what was to become “Wings of Hope” run by and for those bereaved by suicide. In helping others similarly bereaved I hoped this would in turn help me with my journey and also repay, in a small way, the wonderful help and support I had received from so many. Read More


Poem and Quote from our Supporters

Loss makes artists of all of us as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives. Greta .W. Crosby Read More


Member Profile - Mandy Meredith

How did you come to know WINGS of Hope? When I attended Diana’s group I think it was Leigh came to talk to our group about what you were doing. What are you looking forward to? Seeing my grandaughter and her parents who live in Dublin in June. Read More