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Story Sharing with Jodie Sherman

How did you come to know WINGS of Hope?
After losing my partner I was lost and looking for information online, I found it through google.

How long ago did you lose a loved one or friend to suicide?
2 years 3 months

Can you describe the first few days and how you managed to cope?
The first few days are still a bit of a blur, of course both families arrived in Cairns so I was surrounded by people which was lovely but we had our own business so I had to go back to work 48 hours after. I think my mind just went into auto pilot, we had customers with orders that needed to be taken care of & staff that needed jobs & wages. 

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Interview with Debbie who lost her son, Nick

WINGS of Hope supporter, Debbie, who lost her son, Nick, to suicide 2/8/11 shared her moving and insightful words here: Read More


Interview With Sydney Author Brendan Cowell

WINGS of Hope congratulates, Sydney author Brendan Cowell on his confronting new title "How it Feels" which brings to light so many issues surrounding youth suicide and masculinity, youth and navigating growing up. Read More


My Poem about my dad that died

Isn't it good that I got to meet you,
Isn't it sad that you had to go,
Isn't it good that you got to love me,
Isn't it sad that you left me so,
Isn't it good I remember your beautiful face,
Isn't it sad that you won't grow old.

by unknown

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A Mother’s story – Gloria Vanderbilt

Each day, each year that passes as I live with Carter’s death, I come to see it in perspective of the tragedies that have happened and are happening every day in our world – the Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia- tragedies so indescribable that one mother’s pain is maybe not so important after all. Except to me, of course. But perhaps in some small way it will be to you- perhaps if you are suffering from loss and feel you can’t go on, it will reach you, for what I am trying to say to you is: Don’t give up, don’t ever give up, because without pain there cannot be joy, and both are what make us know we are alive. Read More