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Welcome to the WINGS of Hope Website

Founded in 2007, WINGS of Hope, the voice of people bereaved by suicide, is a registered harm prevention charity providing education, resources and support events for people bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope is not a crisis organisation. For urgent assistance please visit the Suicide Prevention Australia website or view our ‘Urgent Help’ tab.

  • WINGS of Hope’s major project is the community placement of Red Chocolate Elephants, by Dr Diana Sands, a DVD and book educational resource for children and families bereaved by suicide. This essential postvention resource will be placed in mental health services and supports, schools, accident and emergency units, workplaces and where it is needed most in regional and rural communities. Click to read more.
  • Click here to learn how individuals and organisations can donate a copy of Red Chocolate Elephants to your local community, or others.
  • Read about WINGS of Hope’s support for the Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope service helping people bereaved by suicide. Enquiries for future groups can be made via phoning Dr Diana Sands. Click to read more.
  • Life after Suicide - click here to watch a new mini-documentary about WINGS of Hope.

WINGs Delivers Hope & New Growth After Suicide Loss

This past Saturday 26th July, WINGS of Hope Inc., held an official presentation and fundraising initiative to deliver resources for people bereaved by suicide, being a book and DVD titled “Red Chocolate Elephants”. This unique educational resource features the art and voices of children bereaved by suicide. A major WINGS of Hope project is to place copies of this resource in community channels, schools and workplaces all over the nation. Click to read more.

Get involved in WINGs of Hope:

Volunteering is good for you and good for your community. Did you know that in 2010, 6.1 million people (36%) of the Australian population aged 18 years and over participated in voluntary work, with women (38%) more likely to volunteer than men (34%)? Employed people actually have a higher volunteering rate than unemployed, so you might be surprised who is volunteering! Click to read more.

Every 3.5 hours an Australian takes their own life. Every 8 minutes a person attempts suicide costing the community $17.5 billion each year, and untold grief and sorrow for those left behind. When a person is bereaved by suicide they can be at risk of suicidality themselves. This is not always the case for each individual, but often the grief is more intense and complicated than many other forms of grief.

Postvention is the supports and interventions after a suicide loss. WINGS of Hope is one of the few organisations of its kind founded and run by suicide bereaved people for the bereaved by suicide community. This is the only organisation free from political, religious or other governance, run by bereaved people for those bereaved by suicide.

The WINGS of Hope website provides harm prevention information, educational resources and support for those bereaved by suicide. Read about the important projects the organisation sponsors or supports. Read poetry, stories and articles on the community page, giving hope and inspiration to the bereaved. Learn how you can support events, sponsor a project or make a donation.

Thank you for visiting this site and learning about these important community supports.

Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope

WINGS of Hope supports the Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope service. Click here for more information.

  • Read Claire’s story and words on how WINGS of Hope enabled her to access the help she needed. Click here
  • Read Sarah’s story about how the Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope group program helped her. Click here